DEPARTMENT OF Electronics & Communictaion Engineering

Welcome to the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) at CIT Kokrajhar. The branch of ECE has never become unpopular since the advent of the 3rd industrial revolution in the early 1950s where solid state devices based electronic systems began to influence every sphere of human life. Computing and communication technology has matured so much in the last seventy years that we are now witnessing the rise of the 4th industrial revolution namely, the information revolution. Information from every walk of our lives now needs to be acquired, stored, processed, communicated, and presented in very large volumes. In each step of the way, electronics and communication engineers lead the way.
The branch of ECE focuses on the study of three core subareas such as VLSI, signal processing, and communication systems. The subject of VLSI deals with the design and manufacturing of miniaturized electronic chips with circuits that contain upto 10 billion (1010) transistors. Chips are designed such that information can be manipulated in either analog or digital format. As a higher level of control is becoming technologically feasible at the microscopic levels, novel devices are beginning to replace conventional transistors. The area of signal processing in ECE deals with the algorithms and techniques for analysis and synthesis of signals such as text, voice, image, video, sensor data ...etc that encodes information related to various applications. With the deployment of high-performance computing systems, novel machine learning methods such a deep learning has become very practical these days. The mobile communication is currently in a transition from 4G to 5G in order to accommodate the need for higher bandwidth for every one of us. Rapid improvements are also happening in area of communication systems based on satellites, optical fibres, aviation and surveillance.
The department of ECE at the moment has strength of ten faculties who are specialized in various fields such as nanoelectronics, digital system design, analog and RF circuits, microwave photonics, micro-strip antennas, medical image processing, machine learning, 5G communication systems, …etc. Our laboratories are equipped with all necessary hardware and software facilities to conduct regular academic activities of all departmental programs. We are also enriched with high end setups such as high performance computing system, anechoic chamber and GHz-network analyzer for advanced research works. The Diploma and Degree programs are designed to disseminate rich knowledge in all the core subjects along with elective courses which aim to introduce the students to more advanced topics of current research. The curriculum and syllabus are at par with that of the premier institutes of the country following the guidelines of AICTE. The students are given oppertunity for taking up industrial training and are encouraged to carry out research or development project works as a part of their curriculum. The department also invites motivated postgraduates in ECE to join its PhD program by undertaking theoretical and/or practical studies related to the field.
Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) Department offers both diploma and degree program.
B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering
Course Duration: 4 (Four) Years
Intake Capacity: 60 Students
Examination Scheme: Semester Basis
Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering
Course Duration: 3 (Three) Years
Intake Capacity: 30 Students
Examination Scheme: Semester Basis
SUNANDAN BHUNIA Associate Professor PhD
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Dr. Bornali Bora Patowary Assistant Professor PhD, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Assam Don Bosco University; M.Tech (IT), NERIST, Itanagar; B.E (Hons), Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Assam Engineering College
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Dr. Rajib Chetia Assistant Professor (Selection Grade) Ph.D. in Quantum Image Processing (Tezpur University), M. Tech in Electronics Design and Technology (Tezpur University), M. Phil (Electronics).
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Priyanka Mandal Assistant Professor M. Tech
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Dr. Arindum Mukherjee Assistant Professor PhD (Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta)
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Haradhan Chel Assistant Professor (Senior grade) Head of the Department M. Tech
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Antaryami Panigrahi Assistant Professor B. Tech (ECE), M.Tech (Microelectronics & VLSI Design), PhD(Ongoing)
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Ms. Namita Das Assistant Professor Ex-HOD (2008-2011, 2014-2017) B Tech, M. Tech, Pursuing PhD
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Dr. Agile Mathew Assistant Professor Training & Placement officer PhD in Nanotechnology (IIT Guwahati)
M.Tech in Optolectronics & Laser Technology (CUSAT)
B.Tech in Electronics Engineering (CUSAT)
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Kaushlendra Kumar Pandey Assistant Professor MTech, Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad
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