DEPARTMENT OF Electronics & Communictaion Engineering


Electronics dominate the world today and many of the people in it. Within the past twenty years or so, so many improvements and advancements in technology have created a world which relies on electronic services and communication. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to own numerous electronics gadgets for one reason or another. All of them have a purpose and many of them are quite necessary in day to day lives of people. Electronics and Communication engineering course give enormous job opportunities in Electronics, Telecommunication, Chip design, fabrication and testing companies and Software. The department also gives opportunities for research and development, and provides all facilities to pursue higher studies.

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Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) Department offers both diploma and degree program.
B.Tech. in Electronics & Communication Engineering
Course Duration: 4 (Four) Years
Intake Capacity: 60 Students
Examination Scheme: Semester Basis
Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering
Course Duration: 3 (Three) Years
Intake Capacity: 30 Students
Examination Scheme: Semester Basis
Dr. Sunandan Bhunia Associate Professor Head of Department PhD
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Bornali Bora Patowary Assistant Professor M. Tech.
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Rajib Chetia Assistant Professor M.Tech(Tezpur University) ; M.Phil.
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Priyanka Mandal Assistant Professor M. Tech
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Arindum Mukherjee Assistant Professor M. Tech
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Haradhan Chel Assistant Professor M. Tech
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Antaryami Panigrahi Assistant Professor M.Tech (Microelectronics & VLSI Design), PhD(Ongoing)
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Namita Das Assistant Professor M. Tech
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Dr. Agile Mathew Assistant Professor TPO i/c PhD in Nanotechnology (IIT Guwahati)
M.Tech in Optolectronics & Laser Technology (CUSAT)
B.Tech in Electronics Engineering (CUSAT)
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Kaushlendra Kumar Pandey Assistant Professor M. Tech
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IE Lab1 (Electronic Devices and Embedded Systems Laboratory): This lab basically deals with the study and practical implementation of electrical and electronic circuits. The lab is equipped with most of the basic instruments like DSO, Function Generator, Multi-meter, Microprocessor and Microcontroller development boards, various types of analogue and digital integrated chips, Trainer Kits for various experiments, soldering station etc. with intake capacity of more than sixty number of students.
IE Lab2 (Transducer and Instrumentation Laboratory): This lab is dedicated for study of various sensors and transducers included in the syllabus of Instrumentation Engineering. This lab includes facilities such as- Instrumentation Bridge trainer kit (like Schering, Maxwell bridge etc.), Biomedical Instrumentation Trainer kit (includes ECG, Filter, NI DAC etc.), various types of transducers (includes RTD, Thermocouple, Strain gauge, LVDT etc.), high resolution multi-meter (Agilent 3458A), Thermal Imager, FBG Sensor, Mixed Domain Oscilloscope 1 GHz Spectrum Analyser, data acquisition system etc.
IE Lab3 (Computer Laboratory): The Department of Instrumentation Engineering has its own Computer Lab equipped with the latest versions of Desktop computers along with high speed Internet facility and most updated licensed versions of various simulation Softwares. The Softwares currently available in this lab are, namely-LabVIEW, MatLAB, MultiSIM, PSim etc. Besides, the students can also work on projects related to simulation based semiconductor fabrication in the Computer Lab with the help of TCAD Software, courtesy of Electronics and Communication Department of our Institute.
IE Lab4 (Process Control Laboratory): This lab has been set up to provide practical studies to students in the area of Process and Control with the help of Industrial based application trainer kits. This Lab facilitates study and practice of real time Industrial friendly environment for Calibration, Measurement and Controlling, based on SCADA, PLC, DCS, etc.
IE Lab5 (Project and research Lab): The objective of this Lab is to provide a dynamic environment to students to carry out project and research related works that is not limited to the normal working hours. Students can carry out their individual projects beyond the normal working hours and during the weekends in this Lab. This lab is equipped with a 3-axis CNC-PCB Engraving Machine, various types of microcontroller development boards, Robotics module, various Sensor Modules etc...