CIT Director
Message from Director's Desk
I (Prof. Hemanta Kumar Kalita, Director (i/c)), Central Institute of Technology Kokrajhar), on behalf of the Central Institute of Technology (CIT) Kokrajhar fraternity, extend my warm greetings. CIT is a premier institute located in Kokrajhar and is one of the unique institutes under MoE (Formerly MHRD), Government of India. Kokrajhar town is well known for the Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary and its serene beauty with diverse ethnicity and rich culture and with a very high rate of literacy. The objectives of CIT, Kokrajhar has been to provide quality education to the youth in all streams of engineering, technology as well as vocational training. Over the years the institute has also been thriving to develop research and development culture that will ultimately lead to attract more industry partnership. This will allow to implement and convert innovations into products locally, create new entrepreneurs, start-ups and generate more employment locally. The institute will initiate steps to implement the salient features of new education policy (NEP2020) and ensure that every aspiring student benefits from the enhanced pedagogical methodologies, implement sustainable development goals, flexibility in learning and more focus on practical education, technology incorporation in classrooms and work places and Internationalization of curriculum that would enhance the overall quality of education, boost the economy of the region and the state.
I, on behalf of CIT Kokrajhar would like to welcome all the aspiring students to this unique institute. Your talent, entrepreneurial passion and skills will be encouraged and nurtured so that along with quality education this institute will help you pursue your objectives of life. We will build a network of excellence and extend our interactions with Universities, Colleges, Research Institutes and laboratories and augment our capabilities with knowledge advancing partners. I am confident that through our collective efforts we as a community at CIT, Kokrajhar will be able to create an intellectual society where the focus would be on socio-economic growth, and make notable contributions to the progress of the region and the nation.
Prof. Hemanta Kumar Kalita
Director (i/c), CIT Kokrajhar Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, CIT Kokrajhar, Assam Brief Resume