CIT Director
Man ki Bat
Nishikant V Deshpande
Chairman, BoG, CIT Kokrajhar

Having worked extensively in Northeast with NIT Nagaland, NIT Agartala and NIT Silchar has helped to gain rich experience with local work culture, local people and their culture, better understanding of the region geologically which has supported me to enable enhancement and advancement of these NITs.

As Govt. of India nominated me as the Chairman, BoG, CIT Kokrajhar on 11th August 2023 for a period of three years, I planned to visit the institute personally and to meet you all from 3rd to 5th Sept 2023. After interaction with every stakeholder and having assessed the institute, I believe, together we can aim higher and achieve higher objectives with this very capable team. For sure there are problems, but every problem has solution and can be solved with dialogue and teamwork.

Let us work together in the interest of making this prestigious institute more student centric with increased focus on academics, teaching, better learning process, employability and placements.

For a good developing organization has to have four very important pillars.

  • 1. Students, the first pillar. It is expected that the students maintain the decorum of the institute and follow the rules and regulations.
  • 2. Faculty, the second pillar of the institute. They should be strong in their field. They must provide the best academics, learning process and experience to students. Their issue of promotions will be taken care of as per rules. Kind request to the entire faculty that they should engage themselves more in research, academics, institutional work. Because every step is a Learning curve and learning never stops and that’s true for me even today.
  • 3. Administrative Staff, this is the third pillar of institute’s development. We all must put more efforts, some more than others, to overcome the shortcomings to provide a fair and transparent system for all staff.
  • 4. The fourth pillar is Senate, BWC, FC, BoG, and BTC executive members. These are policy making teams. Decisions to be taken with lot of cares and ensuring not to have any negative impact on staff and students. Hence a sincere appeal to all these members to follow Govt. of India Rules and regulations on all decision making process.
During my intensive interaction with Honorable CEM of BTR Shri Pramod Boro, we had an exchange of many good creative ideas for e.g. sericulture, agriculture and other areas of local interest and agreed to work together for the betterment and development of Bodoland. Actions have been already initiated for the priority topics and expect soon the results to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Finally I would like to thank, our Honorable Prime Minister for his recognition with this opportunity to contribute for the betterment of the future of students, of the institute, of the Region and our beloved nation.
Jai Hind