Research & Development Team
Dean, Research and Development Dr. Sandeep Kumar Srivastava Central Institute of Technology Kokrajhar Kokrajhar-783370 Phone: 7086261266 E-mail:
Research Establishment Officer (REO) Dr. Abhirup Chatterjee Central Institute of Technology Kokrajhar Kokrajhar-783370 Phone: 9818321548 E-mail:
Institute Ethical Committee (IEC)
CIT Kokrajhar “Institute Ethical Committee” is formed to look after following sub-committee
• Human Ethical Committee
• Animal Ethical Committee
• Bio-ethical Committee
The composition of IEC is as following:
1. Chairperson Dr. Anuj Kumar Baruah, Chief Medical Officer, IIT Guwahati
2. Member-Secretary Dean R&D, CIT Kokrajhar
3. Legal Expert Ms Madhumita Kothari, Advocate Supreme Court
4. Two Scientists / Professors a) Prof. (Dr.) Tapan Kumat Maiti (Professor of Instrumentation Engineering, CIT Kokrajhar) b) Dr. Subhajit Ray (Associate Professor of Food Engineering and Technology, CIT Kokrajhar)
5. Clinicians Chief Medical Officer (ex officio), CIT K Hospital
6. Faculty from the Humanities and Social Sciences Dr. Pradip Brahmachary, Associate Professor of HSS, CIT Kokrajhar
7. Safety Officer Dr. Pranjal Kalita, Associate Professor of Chemistry, CIT Kokrajhar
8. One person from the local community Village Headman
International and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research (IICR) Cell
International and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research (IICR) Cell at CIT Kokrajhar is keen to promote research work and output for faculty and students. Apart from the program requirements of dissertation and seminar, faculty, staff and students would engage in intensive interdisciplinary research work through the R&D Section for national / international R&D / Consultancy Projects and Special Research / Exchange Programs.
IICR Cell at CIT Kokrajhar, comprise following members:
1. Dean (R&D) Coordinator from CITK (Deemed-to-be University)
2. Prof. Monomoy Goswami Nominated Expert – Water Resource Management, CITK
2. Dr Amitava Nag Nominated Expert – CSE & IT Domain. CITK
3. Dr Abhijit Deka Nominated Expert –Civil Engg Domain. CITK
4. Dr Santosh Kumar Nominated Expert –Food Engg Domain. CITK
5. Mr Bihung Brahma Nominated Expert – HSS Domain. CITK
6. Prof Bharat Dahiya, Director,
Research Center for Integrated
Sustainable Development,
Thammasat University, Bangkok Thailand
International Invited Member from Sustainable Development Domain
Institute Seminar Series (ISS)
List of Speakers for “Institute Seminar Series”:
ISS No. Name of the speaker Department Designation Topic of Talk Date
1 Dr Abhijit Deka Dept of Civil Engg Assistant Professor Utilization of Waste Material in MSW Landfill Project and its Geotechnical Aspects 11.04.2018
2 Dr Pankaj Pratap Singh Dept of Computer Science and Engg Assistant Professor Satellite Image Processing with various aspects 18.04.2018
3 Mr Arindum Mukherjee Dept of Electronics and Communication Engg Assistant Professor An introduction to computer algebra system (CAS) using MATHCAD 25.04.2018
4 Dr Santosh Kumar Dept of Food Engineering and Technology  Assistant Professor Environment friendly synthesis of metal nanoparticles and their applications in food processing and packaging 02.05.2018
5 Dr Tanushree Nayak Dept of Humanities & Social Sciences Assistant Professor Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace 09.05.2018
6 Dr Amitava Nag Dept of Information Technology Associate Professor Secret Sharing Schemes and Its Applications 16.05.2018
7 Dr Kaushik Chandra Deva Sarma Dept of Instrumentation Engineering Assistant Professor Junctionless Field Effect Transistor – A Promising Candidate for Future VLSI Design and Power Electronics 23.05.2018 
8 Dr Sandeep Kumar Srivastava Dept of Physics  Associate Professor Bit Patterned Media for Hard Disk Drive Application 13.02.2019 
9 Mr Sahalad Borgoyary Dept of Mathematics Assistant Professor Comparison of Fuzzy and Imprecise concept in the construction of unsharp Boundary Set 20.02.2019 
10 Mr Bhaskar Saha Dept of Multimedia Communication and Design Assistant Professor 3D Animation Production Design in Current Scenario 27.02.2019
11 Prof. Monomoy Goswami Department of Civil Engineering Professor and Head Innovations and prospects in hydropower project planning 06.03.2019
12 Dr Apurbalal Senapati Department of Computer Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Machine learning – Tools and techniques 13.03.2019
13 Dr. Arunendu Mondal Department of Chemistry Associate Professor Recent advancement of metal-organic frameworks and its applications 27.03.2019
Research seminar day (RSD)
The Research Seminar Day (RSD) was proposed, supported and subsequently approved by the competent authority as a day-long program dedicated to showcase the activities of the faculty fraternity of CIT Kokrajhar exclusively. The RSD 2018 was organized by Dr Sandeep Kr Srivastava (Dean i/c, R&D and the Head, Department of Physics) and Dr Abhirup Chatterjee (Research Establishment Officer / REO) along with the team consisting of Mr Bodosa Brahma, Mr BishnuNarzary, Mr Rafikul, Mr Anowar and Ms Banamita on 20.03.2018 from 09:15 h onwards in the Seminar Hall, CIT Kokrajhar under the aegis of Prof Debkumar Chakrabarti (the Director) and Mrs Chaitali Brahma (the Registrar). The well-appraised designs of the banners (flex) and PowerPoint home-screen, as well as the Logo of RSD was done by Mr Bhaskar Saha (Asst Prof, Department of Multimedia Communication & Design). The event was bejeweled by the eminence of Prof Sukumar Nandi, Prof, Department of CSE and the Head, CLST, IIT Guwahati as a Special Invited Speaker in presence of Dean i/c (Student Affairs), Dean (Academics) and 60 faculties of CIT Kokrajhar. The entire program was coordinated by Mr A AlbisBasumatary, Assoc Prof, Department of Mathematics, CITK.
The Research Seminar Day (RSD) 2019 was premeditated and subsequently approved by the competent authority as a day-long program dedicated to showcase the R & D activities of various departments of CIT Kokrajhar. The RSD 2019 was jointly organized by R & D Section, CIT Kokrajhar (Team comprising Dr Sandeep Srivastava, Dean i/c, R&D and the Head, Department of Physics and Dr Abhirup Chatterjee, Research Establishment Officer / REO along with Mr Bodosa Brahma, Mr Swgwmsar Swrang Boro, Ms Deepa Rani Basumatary, Ms Bandana Narzary, Mr Bishnu Narzary, Mr Rafikul, Mr Anowar and Ms Banamita) and Springer Nature (Team comprising Mr Aninda Bose, Mr Soumya Chakraborty, Mr Ashutosh Sharma and Mr Biplab Ghosh) on 04.04.2019 from 09:15 h onwards in the Padmashree Madaram Brahma Seminar Hall, CIT Kokrajhar under the aegis of Prof Debkumar Chakrabarti (the Director) and Mrs Chaitali Brahma (the Registrar). The well-appraised designs of the banners (flex) as well as the Logo of RSD was done by Mr Bhaskar Saha (Asst Prof and Head, Department of Multimedia Communication & Design). The entire program was coordinated by Ms Susmita Roy, Asst Prof, Department of Multimedia Communication & Design, CIT Kokrajhar. The event was adorned by the eminence of Prof Gopal Das, Prof, Dept of Chemistry and Dean, Research and Development, IIT Guwahati as a Special Invited Speaker in presence of Dean i/c (Student Affairs), Dean (Academics) and around 95 faculties, staff and research scholars of CIT Kokrajhar and the Springer Nature Team. The RSD started with formal inaugural ceremony having the events in sequence of Felicitation of Dignitaries, Plantation and Watering of CIT RSD 2019 Tree by the Invited Speaker, the Director, the Registrar and the Deans, Inaugural Speech by the Director, Introduction to Institute by the Registrar and Introduction to the R&D Section by the Dean i/c, R&D. After the inauguration concluded, Dean i/c, R&D introduced Prof Gopal das, as the Special Invited Speaker. Prof Das through his interactive discourse inspired the faculties in the thoroughfare of R & D – the technical and strategic manoeuvres towards a proficient R & D profile. His fervent communication encouraged and aided both the young and experienced faculties of CIT Kokrajhar in their R & D endeavours. The program in continuation thereafter consisted of lectures from various departments of CIT Kokrajhar viz. Civil Engg, Computer Science & Engg, Electronics & Communication Engg, Food Engg & Technology, Information Technology, Multimedia Communication & Design and Physics. For the first time in CIT Kokrajhar, an award bearing the name ‘Springer-Nature Emerging Researcher Award’ was proposed for award during RSD 2019, and subsequently the award had been agreed to be sponsored by Springer Nature. The awardees were
1. Dr Sandeep Kumar Srivastava, Dept of Physics.
2. Dr Prakash Kumar Nayak, Dept of Food Engg & Technology.
3. Dr Amitava Nag, Dept of Information Technology.
The RSD 2019, for the first time again in the Institute, was decorated by a Springer Nature Author Workshop (post-Lunch session), an interactive platform addressing details (ethics, codes, tracks, dos & don’ts etc.) relevant to techno-scientific publication conducted by Mr Aninda Bose from Springer Nature. Mr Bose is the Senior Publishing Editor, a part of the Global Acquisition Team at Springer Nature and responsible for acquisition of scientific content across the globe. He is responsible for acquisition of content in Interdisciplinary Applied Sciences. He has more than 24 years of industrial experience in marketing and different fields of publishing. Mr. Bose has delivered more than 90 invited talks on Scientific Writing and Publishing Ethics in reputed Universities, International Conferences and Author Workshops. The concluding session of RSD started (after Tea) with Concluding Remarks by Mr Soumya Chakraborty from Springer Nature Team Officials. The RSD 2018 was concluded with the Vote of Thanks from the REO.
Ongoing/completed Sponsered Project
# Faculty Name Department Title of project Status Funding Agency/Client Approved Cost
1 Dr. Santosh Kumar FET Development of new functional nanocomposite coating/spray formulation to prolong the postharvest life of whole pineapple fruit Ongoing (April 29, 2019 - April 28, 2021) Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Govt. of India through NECBH Programme IIT Guwahati 1125850.00
2 Prakash Kumar Nayak FET Nutritional Evaluation and shelf life study of value added products prepared from Ou-tenga : An Underutlized fruits of NER Ongoing DST, Govt of India ( Monitiored by ASTEC, ASSAM) 5.20 Lacs
3 Dr. Sucharita Sen Maiti and Prakash Kr Nayak FET Isolation and Identification of novel bacteriosin producing probiotc bactrria From NER India and uts application in Food Preservation Ongoing DBT, Govt of India 62.67 Lacs
4 Prakash Kumar Nayak FET Dovelopment of low cost phase change material assited hybrid solar dryer for wide range of agricultural products Ongoing DBT, Govt of India (Monitored by IIT, Ghy) 10.28 Lacs
5 Dr. Pradip Brahmachary HSS Women Empowerment and Economic Development: A Study on Selected Urban Parts of Kokrajhar distirict of Assam Ongoing (Duration-2 yrs.) Started on 10/01/2018 ICSSR, New Delhi Rs. 600000/ (Rupees Six Lakhs)
6 Dr. Sandeep Kumar Srivastava PHY Study of Co/Ni multilayers and Co-Tb alloys based bit patterned media based on auto-assembled anodic alumina nanobump arrays for hard disk drive application Ongoing (12-01-2017 to 11-01-2020) DST-SERB Rs. 37,63,530
7 Dr. Gunajyoti Das CH Theoretical and experimental studies of the physicochemical properties of small amino acid sequences, their water-clusters, binary metallic and ternary metal-peptide-nucleobase complexes Completed (23/03/2016 To 22/03/2019) SERB-DST, New Delhi, India Rs. 30,13,000
Ongoing/completed Consultancy projectsl
# Faculty Name Department Title of project Status Funding Agency/Client Approved Cost
1 Prof. Monomoy Goswami CE Updation of Water Availability Series of Ranganadi Hydro Electrci Project (3x135 MW), Yazali, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Ongoing. Draft report submitted. Start date: 18-02-2019 North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd. Office of the Executive Director (Design & Engineering), NEEPCO Bhawan, RG Baruah Road, Guwahati-781005 Rs. 2,40,000.00
2 Prof. Monomoy Goswami Renovation & Modernization of Gumti Hydro Electric Project (3x5MW) – Consultancy services for Power Potential Study and Submission of Report thereof Completed. Start date: 17-08-2017 End date: 16-09-2017) Tripura State Electrcity Corporation Ltd., Generation Circle, Banamalipur, Agartala - 799001 Rs. 70,000.00
List of visitors
List of conferences/workshop conducted
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MoU Signed
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